Who we are, what we do, and why we do it...that kind of stuff.





SHADOWRIDGE PRESS is a specialty small press dedicated to an eclectic selection of new and old, fiction and non-fiction, in the trade paperback format aimed at readers, not collectors. Sure, we love beautiful, slip-cased limited editions (and may do a few), but our goal is to get books into the hands of people who want to read, avoiding the already-crowded market of beautiful tomes that are just too expensive and valuable to crack the cover open and peruse. While we have offered some e-books in the past, our primary interest is perpetuating the use and appreciation of appealing, well-designed, honest-to-God printed-on-paper books.


We came into existence in 2012 with our initial publication of The Proteus Cure, a collaboration between F. Paul Wilson and Tracy L. Carbone, with additional books following from those authors. 2017 saw a significant expansion of the press, and an ever-growing list of authors- dark fantasy legend Dennis Etchison, commentator, and educator P. Gardner Goldsmith, screenwriter Peter Atkins (Hellraiser II and III, The Wishmaster), New York Times best-selling author Stephen Woodworth, and legendary authors Manly Wade Wellman, George Clayton Johnson and even Edgar Allan Poe. Such illustrious names as Rafael Sabatini, William Hope Hodgson, A. Merritt, and Edgar Rice Burroughs all have Shadowridge Press projects in development.


We are located in sunny Southern California, in a sleepy little hamlet just north of the hustle and bustle craziness that is Los Angeles.


Shadowridge Press books are available online exclusively from Amazon. They are also available through your local independent bookseller.




Please send all inquiries to- info@shadowridgepress.com. We will respond with prompt promptness.






We strongly support brick and mortar stores, and many (but not all) of our titles are available at special pricing for retailers. Please contact us at info@shadowridgepress.com for further details.






We are not accepting submissions at this time. This is subject to change eventually, so please watch this page. You just never know.